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Women in the Arts: Balancing Life, Family, and Career

Many women in the arts struggle to create the balance between life, their family and their career in the creative arts industry. Time after time they are required to prioritize one area of life over the other. While many have learned to dance the unbalanced balance of this unique lifestyle, many others have found it nearly impossible to make work. This is just one reason why working with a creative arts company, like FloFiyah™ and the incredible women who lead FloFiyah™, can help support the delicate ensemble of life as a woman in the arts through wisdom, mentorship and encouragement.

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Balancing Life, Family and Career

The field of creative arts is exciting and always changing. New artists emerge, different dance techniques surface, new plays appear that require auditioning, and advertisers seek a fresh new vibe. A career with such rapid developments requires concentration, patience and undivided attention. But what about the mother who also has a family to prioritize above all? How can she experience a successful career in the world of arts while simultaneously giving her children and spouse the love, attention and time they deserve, nevermind time for herself to renew her spirits?

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Seek Mentorship

There is nothing new under the sun. Your great, great grandmother also had hard choices to make between her family and her career, or her passion in life over her restrictive upbringing. Seeking mentorship from others who have walked a similar path as you can provide the experience and support you need during such a crucial time of your life. Women, such as the those who lead FloFiyah™, have learned and continue to adjust their personal balance between work life and family life.

Based on their experience, they can offer advice, networking and feedback on technique, direction and planning - all things required while in a career of the arts. They can guide you to become the creative professional you know you are. Through their innovative, supportive programs, they encourage you to find the balance that works for you while having fun!

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Plan Now, Plan Often

Working in the arts can be extremely difficult for a woman who has a family because of being pulled in multiple different directions, forced to choose between career and family. However, proper planning can help ease the burden of day to day time management. If laid out efficiently, a woman can devote her time almost equally to both successfully.

Try the following 2 Life Planning techniques:

Monthly Planning:

  1. Designate a full hour (or more) once a month to planning.

  2. Start with the end in mind. What are your goals. Visualize how you could achieve them if only you had all the time in the world.

  3. Jot down the different roles you play in your life: woman, wife, mother, dancer, musician, sister, daughter, etc...

  4. By each role, come up with 2 things you would do, if given the time, to enhance those roles and relationships or to work towards achieving your goals within that role.

  5. Keep them reasonable. If you've never danced hiphop before, avoid setting the goal of mastering that technique in 30 days. Instead, consider setting the goal of "seek out and sign up for a hip hop technique class".

  6. Finally, look at a blank monthly calendar. Add each "thing" you would do from the list above to the calendar. Just one per day. Then, determine about how long it would take to accomplish each thing and write the "time goal" next to it.

Do this exercise once per month to organize your thoughts and see life as a big picture. Each month, come back to the previous month to assess what happened, what you could do better, see how fulfilling it has been and how much more you can accomplish next month.

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Daily Planning:

  1. Designate 30 minutes each night to planning.

  2. Grab your monthly calendar from above, your appointment book, and any other item/task/todo list you have which influences the coming day.

  3. Write down any "goal/role" tasks assigned to that day from your monthly calendar.

  4. Then, take a moment to consider what on your todo list is the most important and which will have the greatest impact on your monthly goals. Carve out time to do them.

  5. Set time limitations for each task.

  6. Resolve to reduce distractions - check emails only once in the morning, limit time on social media or the television to 1 hour daily, silence your calls during "focused goal-oriented work", etc..

  7. Once your done, visualize yourself accomplishing each thing tomorrow. Picture doing these things in a calm, efficient, balanced manner. Feel the satisfaction and joy in your heart as you complete each item.

  8. Tomorrow, devote the time, attention and passion required for each thing you've determined to be important. If you're taking the kids to soccer, give them your undivided attention and life fully in that moment. If you're rehearsing for an upcoming performance, connect fully with the experience and give it your all.

By doing this, and sticking to it, not only will you be achieving your goals and creating balance in your work/life but you'll also be living a life rich in meaningful relationships. You'll be operating from a core of values and proactivity. You'll find more joy in every day and are more likely to succeed at everything you put your mind to!

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Connect and Succeed

At FloFiyah, we understand that this journey isn't an easy one. We've been there and STILL doing that! We have families of our own that we are striving to balance with our career in the arts. Let us help you!

What if you could be supported by others while you make your dreams come true in a career of arts? What if you could connect with other women in the field and share stories and advice. What if you could be a pivotal leader in your field and lead the next generation of women in the arts through your growth and experience?

Today is the day to connect with FloFiyah. FloFiyah, and the non-profit F.E.E.D. led by the women who developed FloFiyah, offers programs, experiences and classes to cultivate your artistic talent, support your dreams and help you cultivate balance in your life. Juggling life and a career in the arts is challenging, and you don't have to navigate it alone. Connect with the team at FloFiyah and F.E.E.D. and finally create the balance you deserve!

A Glimpse of Our Balance in Action...


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