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A.E.L.A.P. - Artistic Eye: Literacy in Arts Production

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Youth Theatrical Production Development

A.E.L.A.P. is a comprehensive arts initiative in collaboration with schools around the nation that focuses on creative arts, literacy and artistic expression. This program provides students with all the skills necessary to develop their own theatrical production with one-on-one guidance from the program mentors. A.E.L.A.P.'s curriculum centers around fundamental aspects of artistic production including: creative writing, photography, filming, theater, acting, dance, set design, production and more. While learning these skills, students are mentored in self-empowerment, critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, cultural connectedness, self-esteem, accountability, leadership, independence and more. 


Students are encouraged to problem solve while learning how to create something out of a single idea in collaboration with other students, and nurtured by the program mentors. Hands-down our most innovative arts program to date, A.E.L.A.P. challenges students to think outside the box in an empowered, community setting. 

Teacher? Youth organization leader? Principal? School director? We want to work with you to bring this amazing theatrical production program to your community. Use the button below to visit our School Inquiry Form to discuss more.

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