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Bring the Fiyah Dance Convention
Schedule & Important Information

Welcome! Here's where excellence meets education! Explore our carefully curated master class schedule and find valuable information to enhance your learning experience. 

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Class Schedule Descriptions

Open/All Levels

Join any of these classes regardless of your age or experience level! Open Level welcomes everyone for an inclusive learning experience.


Engaging master classes tailored for dancers under 18! Beginners to advanced levels get a chance to shine with specially designed exercises for each skill set.


Calling all pre-professional and professional dancers! Dive into challenging classes designed for experienced individuals seeking a rigorous dance experience.

Beyond Generations

Fun beginner classes designed for seasoned adults! Enjoy learning and moving together in these enjoyable sessions aimed at beginners.

*Bonus Class*

Every registration comes with a bonus class led by Mz. Flo, the brilliant mind behind the convention! So if you purchased a half-day 2-class pass, you'll enjoy a total of 3 fiyah classes! 

Class Attire

Dancers should wear fitted dancewear or comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. See other specific recommendations or requirements for each class below. 


Lappas are recommended but not required. 


Heels or character shoes are required. 


Ballet shoes are required.

Hip Hop 

Sneakers with good support recommended. 

Haitian Dunham

Barefoot required.

Musical Theater

Character shoes or jazz shoes recommended. 


Tap shoes are required. 

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