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Creative arts programs, group and private dance classes and more!


To engage the community by fostering interpersonal relationships that integrate our creative impulse. 



We foresee multi-generational transformations and enhancement by members of the community that are engaged and empowered.  


Our Purpose 

OUR collective VOICES form a community of strength, unity and inspiration. Ultimately, we are entrusted in a circle of ENERGY!

FloFiyah is a cultural, creative, artistic dance company offering the freedom of expression through the arts. FloFiyah produces an array of integrated arts programs and initiatives. Some are cultivated within the local school systems and city recreation departments. Some are independently offered as group classes or private lessons by our instructors located around the nation. Some are held as round-table discussions at a local coffee shop near you. Some are designed to challenge your limits and understanding of what it means to express your creativity. 


All are designed to empower and inspire the creative fiyah in you!   

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