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Programs & Classes

Creative arts programs, group and private dance classes and more!

FloFiyah is a cultural, creative, artistic dance company offering the freedom of expression through the arts. FloFiyah produces an array of integrated arts programs and initiatives. Some are cultivated within the local school systems and city recreation departments. Some are independently offered as group classes or private lessons by our instructors located around the nation. Some are held as round-table discussions at a local coffee shop near you. Some are designed to challenge your limits and understanding of what it means to express your creativity. 


All are designed to empower and inspire the creative fiyah in you!   

Programs & Classes

Bring The Fiyah

Dance School and Technique Training

bring the fiyah logo for private dance lessons in chicago

Bring the Fiyah (BTF) is our FloFiyah traditional dance program, offering technique, style, artistic expression and fitness through dance. Using a variety of teaching styles, students of all ages and genders can develop a new dance skill, hone their current technique or simply stir up some fitness fiyah in a supportive group or private setting. 

Offering private lessons, public group lessons, in-person, online and everything in between. With a variety of techniques to choose from including hip hop, jaz, funk, ballet and more, Bring the Fiyah is exactly what you've been looking for! Open to everyone: children, teens, men, women, nonbinary and couples. Programs vary year-round. Located in the Harold Washington Cultural Center. Use the button below to view current, availability and to book a class.

My City My Dance

After School Program and School Arts Initiative

my city my dance logo for after school nationwide dance classes

My City My Dance (MCMD) is an after-school, creative and performing arts program that focuses on cultivating extra-curricular programs providing students freedom of expression through dance. While enrolled, students gain the confidence necessary to push through challenges while enjoying the fundamentals of hip hop, contemporary and jazz techniques, and college stepping. This community enrichment initiative brings character building and compassionate mentorship to areas that often lack access to such innovative programs. MCMD fosters student development, physical fitness, and team building in a judgement-free, nurturing space. 

Are you a teacher in St. Louis? Do you lead a youth organization in Seattle, WA? Are you a principal or school director in Englewood, Chicago? Are you a part of an independent or state-ran learning academy in the inner city near you? Great! We're looking to collaborate with you on how to bring this powerful, motivational program to your city. Use the button below to visit our School Arts Initiative Inquiry Form to discuss how we can bring our My City My Dance program to a city near you!

A.E.L.A.P. - Artistic Eye: Literacy in Arts Production

aelap logo for theatrical school production program

Youth Theatrical Production Development

A.E.L.A.P. is a comprehensive arts initiative in collaboration with schools around the nation that focuses on creative arts, literacy and artistic expression. This program provides students with all the skills necessary to develop their own theatrical production with one-on-one guidance from the program mentors. A.E.L.A.P.'s curriculum centers around fundamental aspects of artistic production including: creative writing, photography, filming, theater, acting, dance, set design, production and more. While learning these skills, students are mentored in self-empowerment, critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, cultural connectedness, self-esteem, accountability, leadership, independence and more. 


Students are encouraged to problem solve while learning how to create something out of a single idea in collaboration with other students, and nurtured by the program mentors. Hands-down our most innovative arts program to date, A.E.L.A.P. challenges students to think outside the box in an empowered, community setting. 

Teacher? Youth organization leader? Principal? School director? We want to work with you to bring this amazing theatrical production program to your community. Use the button below to visit our School Inquiry Form to discuss more.

Don't See a Class or Program that Suites Your Needs? No Problem! 
We Offer Custom Dance, Arts and Theatrical Solutions to Suite Your Needs. 
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Bring the Fiyah
My City My Dance
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