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January 7, 2024

Bring the Fiyah Dance Showcase

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Meet Mz.Flo

My name is MzFlo Walker Harris and I am the proud founder and CEO of Bring the FIYAH Dance Convention & Competition; a Dream that has finally birthed into reality.  As an instructor/educator of dance it has been my sole purpose to embarrass each student with a personal and intentional connection. I have always felt the need to purposefully give more than steps to every student.


Giving them part of who I am, going beyond the marley allowed each student to reach a deeper meaning to where they stood as a dancer and more so as the individual in the space. I realize that not everyone that dances becomes a professional dancer but each and every student dancer is a human that can strive to be their best authentic self. Providing tools and to better inhance goals set by each student and enhancing the God given beauty in each dancer, BTF aims to bring the Fiyah out of every dancer that hits the Stage.  Focusing on building character, discipline and confidence in each dancer will not only be valuable to their dance journey but to their overall personal development! Success is in the Journey so let's take this Journey together and ignite Bring the FIYAH in your Student! 


At Bring the Fiyah, dance is an embodiment of passion, artistry, and transformation. Our core mission revolves around creating a stage that fosters opportunity, promotes accessibility, and celebrates the rich diversity of dance, bringing communities together in unison.

The Showcase stands as a canvas for dancers of every level to paint their stories through choreography. This event is more than a performance; it's a platform for personal growth and artistic exploration. Attendees will have the privilege of engaging in master classes, workshops, and symposiums led by renowned industry professionals. The Showcase also offers an invaluable chance for dancers to receive expert feedback from industry leaders, igniting their journey towards excellence.

What is Offered?

BTF is dedicated to providing an enriching dance experience for students of all ages, economic backgrounds, and ethnicities. Our mission is to offer participants a glimpse beyond their studio walls, allowing them to explore the broader dance landscape.


At BTF, you'll have the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with professional choreographers and performers. You'll find familiar faces and fresh talent, all under one roof, creating a profound sense of unity and fulfillment. Dance has an unparalleled ability to unite people and unleash their creative spirits, and we aim to harness this power.


Our vision is simple yet profound: to foster the growth of the dance community while showcasing the exceptional talents of dancers who truly Bring The Fiyah. Join us in this extraordinary journey, and be part of a vibrant dance experience that knows no bounds."


Join us in illuminating the stage with the fire of creativity, unity, and dedication. Let your dancers experience the essence of dance beyond the confines of their studio walls.


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