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About Us

Founded by Mz. Florence Walker-Harris
Cultivated by the Board of Directors
Embraced by the Community

FloFiyah is a cultural, creative, artistic company offering the freedom of expression through the arts. FloFiyah produces an array of integrated arts programs and initiatives. Some are cultivated within the local school systems and city recreation departments. Some are independently offered as group classes or private lessons by our instructors located around the nation. Some are held as round-table discussions at a local coffee shop near you. Some are designed to challenge your limits and understanding of what it means to express your creativity. 


All are designed to empower and inspire the creative fiyah in you!   

FloFiyah focuses on community collaboration, relationship development and positive reinforcement in areas without access to such organized artistic expression and education. Through movement, art and conversation, FloFiyah encourages sincere dialogue about community experiences that impact the people who live there. Through advanced, innovative approaches, FloFiyah inspires others and encourages exposure to accessibility to the arts.


Foster creativity through self-growth while inspiring cultural richness.


Universal access to creative and artistic expression.

Meet the Executive Team

FloFiyah has evolved over the years thanks to the creative ideas and dedication of all of the staff, partners, volunteers, interns and board members that have contributed their time. While some may not be featured below, their imprint on the company will never be forgotten. Thank you to all those in the community who have welcomed us into new and exciting spaces, allowing our company to grow and thrive. 

Mz. Florence Walker-Harris

Untitled design.png

Founder, CEO, Executive Director, Choreographer and Creative Director

Owner and founder of FloFIYAH, LLC., Florence Walker-Harris is a Phenomenal Entrepreneur, Creator, Creative Director, Producer, Visionary, Educator and Choreographer. Florence, better known as Mz.Flo, a descendant of Haiti by way of Queens, New York and has been taking the Chicago performing arts scene by storm for over 20 years. 

Mz.Flo is trained in the disciplines of Ballet, Horton, Jazz (strongly influenced by Frank Hatchet), traditional Haitian Folklore, West African, Tap and Hip Hop. She initiated the first hip hop dance program at Chicago’s famed Studio One Dance Theater in 2005. Her choreography experience ranges from musicals and plays to music videos, fashion shows, wedding dances, theatrical plays, and so much more.

Ashley D. Gunter


Executive Vice President & Instructor

Colorful, energetic and full of positive vibes, Ashley D. Gunter, also known as Ashley Denerra, brings a vibrant energy to the FloFIYAH table.  Graduating from Bowling Green State University with her Bachelor's of Science in Education, specializing in dance, Ashley has had the opportunity to train as an artist as well as an educator.


Since graduating in 2011, she has worked with children of all ages and skill levels at various dance studios, summer camps and after-school programs all over Chicago, Virginia, Augusta, GA and currently in Seattle, WA. 


Since 2013, Ashley has helped develop and manage the cultivation and expansion of FloFIYAH, LLC with Founder, President and personal mentor, Florence Walker-Harris. Ashley is passionate about executing and delivering the vision of FloFiyah across the globe.

Breana M. Payne


Director of Media Technology

As Director of Media Technology, Bre is responsible for the overall digital and social media strategy necessary to meet FLOFIYAH’s growing client needs. Upon earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Chicago’s DePaul University, Bre began her career as a technical consultant responsible for the implantation and development of cloud based client solutions.


In addition to providing her technological expertise, Bre expresses her love of the arts through her role as Dance Instructor and Assistant Choreographer for FLOFIYAH artists and arts programming. She also continues to train as a professional dancer with different projects and shows. Since joining FLOFIYAH in 2015, Bre's mission is to bring the technology and art worlds together as one, simply redefining art one day at a time.

Executive Assistants

Erica Wade

Executive Assistant, Lead Special Events Assistant, Choreographer's Assistant

Asante Willis

Digital Media Editor and Production

Izaiah Montaque Harris

Social Media Content Creator

Meet Our Interns

Flo FIYAH believes that education and community outreach can help shape the future of our youth and have an impact on their transition into adulthood. This is why we offer our internship program. Young adults seeking to learn the skills required to thrive in today's creative arts world are encouraged to apply. Please use our contact form to connect. 


We actively seek those with a passion for the arts plus the drive, dedication and commitment to learning new skills. As part of our internship program, we also offer entrepreneurial training, business management, and effective communication along with all angles of dance, creative arts and language arts.


Using the traditional concept of "each one teach one", FloFiyah both cultivates the knowledge of the interns they teach and inspires those interns to pass their knowledge down as new interns come aboard.

Tamara Woodall


Intern - 3rd Year

Organizational Development Intern

College: Harris Stowe State University

Major: Radio Broadcasting​

Joined Us: March 2018

Samantha Phillips


Intern - 3rd Year

Operations and Media Intern; graduate student Eastern Illinois University

College: Bradley University

Major: Middle School Mathematics & Elementary Education

​Joined Us: May 2018

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