Non-Profit Organization focused on Community Enrichment

The non-profit branch of FloFiyah, F.E.E.D. (Fiyah Edifying Empowering Developing) encourages multi-generational, community transformation through roundtable discussions, healing workshops and strategic role playing. A mind/body/spirit experience, F.E.E.D. Experiences touch on purging trauma, personal development, learning to become of woman of Fiyah and more. 

The inspiration behind F.E.E.D.... Using OUR VOICES to collectively share OUR experiences by CREATING A CIRCLE of EMPOWERED individuals within a COMMUNITY that allows the ultimate form of strength, unity and INSPIRATION!!

About F.E.E.D.

Empowering Women and Families to Enhance Our Communities

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At the heart of every home, organization and community you will find a woman trying her best to bring her fiyah to those she interacts with. Sometimes that fiyah needs a little extra fuel and oxygen.


F.E.E.D. strives to provide the safe, healing space for that woman to release, share and heal with other women who share a similar story. F.E.E.D. offers women a night to recharge her spirits, refuel her visions, and develop personal affirmations that will help her get through life's challenges. 


Through creative expression, roundtable discussions, and unique impromptu activities, the women who attend F.E.E.D. Experiences (workshops) are encouraged to embrace their own "glow up" - that essential fiyah necessary for self, family, community and workplace enhancement. F.E.E.D. focuses on edifying (providing moral or intellectual instruction) while empowering women to teach the next generation of women/girls. 

Here at F.E.E.D, we believe in the EMPOWERMENT of WOMEN and FAMILIES, the only way we know how...

Each One Reach One!!

How to Get Involved?

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  • Host an Experience in your hood

Executive Board Members & Chairs - Past & Present

Florence Walker-Harris, Founder and Executive Director

Kerry-Ann Fenton, President

Ashley D. Gunter, Vice President

Natacha Walker, Secretary

Daphne Fortunate, Treasurer

Marie Solange Talleyrand, Former President

F.E.E.D. Experiences

Workshops Offering Self-Empowerment Through Roundtable Discussion

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F.E.E.D. experiences range from maneuvering the balance between career and family life, sipping wine while sharing wisdom, creating vision trees, cultivating and honoring Women of Fiyah, and more. 

All workshops include creative discussion in a nurturing, safe space to express in a judge-free community of women. We're always innovating and adding more F.E.E.D. experiences, so check back often for upcoming workshops. 

Have you attended a F.E.E.D. workshop and wish to share your experience, leave us a review here.


Gallery of Previous Experiences