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FIYAH. Edifying. Empowering. Developing.

F.E.E.D., is a nonprofit organization that emphasizes community engagement in an effort to empower  women,  men and children of all ages through providing a positive outlet. An outlet that fosters a judgement free zone, a sense of acknowledgement and a therapeutic experience for all from all walks of life. 


The Beginning

F. E. E. D. was created by Florence Walker-Harris in 2015, under Flo Fiyah LLC with the launch of the inaugural Faith, Career, Wives & Wine event. Through providing a safe haven that allows healing with conversation, FEED has acted as an escape for women to comfortably share their experiences and struggles with marriage, parenting, employment, self esteem and even self worth while other women relate and uplift. 

F.E.E.D. Experiences are not exclusive to women.  We are driven to the expansion of the entire community including men and children. Providing a network that is inclusive as a way to impact. It is necessary for F.E.E.D. to continue to focus on empowering all especially African American/Caribbean community that struggle with unique hardships affecting their daily life. 



F.E.E.D.’s mission is to improve relations through creative interpersonal events and programing education, inspire and community 



Over the years we foresee, FEED providing a generational transformation through community engagement.


FEED Experience: a program that emphasizes healing with conversation and empowers women in a judgement free zone. There is a shared sense of acknowledgement and a therapeutic experience from all walks of life


  • Career & Wives

  • Career & Wives pt 2.

  • Sippin' Wisdom

  • Reveal

  • You & Me Vision Tree

  • Wine, Cigars, & Records 

  • Birth of Honesty


My City My Dance


Afterschool arts initiative for CPS students 

Mentorship for students to learn fundamental dance techniques including contemporary, ballet basics, hip hop and introduction to step

Culminating performance. 

  • Aldridge Elementary School

  • George M. Pullman 

  • Carver Primary School

  • Oakdale Christian Academy 

  • Vanderpoel Elementary School

  • Dubois Elementary School

  • District 11 Dance Clinic

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Chicago, Illinois

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