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Loving oneself seems to be harder than people think. I know it is said that first one must love his/her, them, selves first before loving others.

So is it truly loving yourself before anyone else? The key to love. Is that what it is? But is that really true! So let's Go back. As a child our first love was to those who loved us. If we are so fortunate our loving parents, loving the souls who wrapped their arms around us as children.


The ones that cared for us, took care of us, showed us how we are to love the way they loved us. But we are not all fortunate to have that and so where is it that we look to to find the meaning of love and admiration.

Truthfully, I really didn't learn how to truly love myself till just past 30 and by 45 I can say to myself I love you. By 47 I can look in the mirror and say you're beautiful. It's with maturity and experience and forgiveness that lead me to build myself to the person I see today. It was hard because telling myself I was beautiful was something that I didn't know I needed.

You have to find something within yourself that is worth it. We have to become more spiritual. The strength within is where it all begins… the mind is the most powerful muscle. To find purpose to find the value within find purpose within self. Self love is important but it doesn't come easy, it just doesn't always happen. The same way you develop a relationship with those who first loved you. You intern must develop a relationship with self. This is what you call SelfLove.


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