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Renew Your Passion With Re-Imagined Vision

At the start of every new year, many form resolutions to begin anew. New ideas, new techniques, new vision and purpose. But what message are we sending out to the Universe by making these "new" agreements, and leaving behind the old. What momentum do we lose by disconnecting with the journey of last year to make way for a whole new one this year?

woman with eyes closed envisioning her goals and dreams

Instead of focusing on the new, what if we focus on the re-imagined? What if we used this time to redefine our passion, our goals and our vision to build upon the experiences and knowledge we've gained throughout the years before.

As the saying goes, "there is nothing new under the sun". This reigns true for the human experience, nature, and creativity. For instance, in dance, classic techniques can be reformulated with new twists, yet the foundational principle of the old dance is and will always be forever present. Using the wisdom gained through the cultivation of old ideas, and the power of a fresh set of eyes, these ideas can blossom.

woman dancing on stage creative arts style

As a dance instructor and true artist at heart, I've learned that this way of looking at life, allowed me to feel a sense of ongoing accomplishment. It created continuity in the development of my dance techniques and allowed me to build something from nothing. I could hear a new beat, step on stage, and allow whatever movement pattern I imagine to flow through me with ease, while still learning new techniques to add to my collection.

This ability resides in everyone, including you! I invite you to build on your accomplishments, rediscover your creativity, and allow movement to flow through your body.

One way to experience this principle in action, is with this morning mind, body, spirit exercise:

woman with outstretched arms embracing the day

Immediately upon waking, take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Take a moment to focus your thoughts on your purpose and goals. Identify 3 things you can do that day, however small, to cultivate your passion. Feel it, see it, believe in it. Stand up, stretch and allow your body to flow in whatever direction moves you. Then step into your day, energized by the re-imagined lifestyle YOU are creating, building on the momentum of the day before.

When we combine vision with passion, we can move mountains. Re-manifest your dreams, your love for creativity and personal vision every day, and commit yourself, as I will, to giving it the nurture it needs to transform you!


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