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5 Tips for Living a Dancer Lifestyle

In the dance and performing arts world, there is so much pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way or try to fit into a mold created by society that defines what a dancer is. At FloFiyah, we reject those ideals. To be a dancer is to tap into the creative spirit of motion; to be free to wiggle and jive as you see fit; to use the beautiful body God gave you to move as the music moves you! To dance is to have fun, be free, learn something new, enjoy life and live like no one is watching!

man and woman dancing outside studio in chicago for performing arts

With that said, of course, there are tips on how to improve dance technique and prepare your body for dance. Simply living a more healthy, active lifestyle can provide you with more stamina to dance longer and more often. Check out the tips below and contact us when you're ready to hop into class and live the dancer lifestyle with us!

Let Go Of What You Believe A Dancer Should Look Like

Dancers come in all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, skinny, chunky, handicapped, long hair, no hair, of all genders and races. There is no such thing as an ideal dancer body, although some media messages may have you believing such foolishness. The only requirement for a dancer body is the ability to move it and groove it! If you can wiggle your toes, you can dance. If you can lift your arms above your head, you can dance! Never let the idea that you don't look like a dancer come between you and the stage. If you can dance, you already look like a dancer!

Tap Into the Creative Spirit As a Daily Routine

Any skill must be honed regularly, even artistic ones. While many in the creative arts industry talk about their inspiration simply coming to them when they feel the creative spirit flowing, many also know how to purposefully connect to that spirit to increase the regularity of that flow. Try meditation, journaling, positive visualization or prayer to help connect with the higher creative spirit every day. Take just five minutes per day to stop, pause, clear your mind, breathe deeply and allow the creative juices to flow through you without effort.

woman meditating before dance technique class in Chicago

Strengthen Your Core

Your core is the power house of your dance routine. The strength of your abdomen is directly connected to the strength of your breath which allows you the necessary oxygen intake to sustain your performance. Doing the plank pose, just 5 minutes per day, has been shown to significantly increase your core strength from your abdomen to your back, legs, arms and chest. It's a total body strength building exercise that is so simple to do, all you need is your body and a floor! Start with 30 seconds and build up to 5 minutes per day by simply increasing your plank time just 30 seconds every week. Your core and your dance moves will thank you!

Eat Life-Enhancing Foods

The idea of dieting creates a sense of lacking or restriction. When we limit ourselves from the things we want, we tend to counter in even more destructive ways. Instead of limiting the foods you eat, think of adding to the foods you eat to provide your body with the nutrient-rich fuel it needs to dance for hours! Grab foods that come from living things - think fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These are not only superfuel for your body, but energetically, they offer a lively disposition which may help in tapping into the creative flow more easily.

woman holding out hand with papaya fruit dish before dance class

Rest and Recover

Pushing yourself to the limits can end in frustration, stress on your body and mind, a sense of feeling overwhelmed, addiction, lack of sleep, and injury. Remember, to be a dancer is to live a dancer lifestyle, which includes rest. Carve out time in every week for self-care: a hot Epsom salt bath, a massage with essential oils, a visit to the spa with your friends, a walk in nature, a quiet evening in with the kids, going to bed extra early or whatever allows you to unplug and rest. Whatever you choose to do, be fully present with it. Experience the pause and allow your body, mind and spirit to recover.

As you can see, to be a dancer, to live a dancer lifestyle takes nothing more than allowing your body to move freely and providing it with the fuel and stamina it needs to sustain your motion. As with any profession or lifestyle choice, the better you care for your body, mind and spirit, the better your body, mind and spirit will perform/give back to you. Reciprocity at it's finest!

If you're ready to live the dancer lifestyle, learn dance technique and have fun while doing it, then you're ready to connect with FloFiyah! So much more than just dance, we are a creative arts company offering everything your dancer spirit needs to thrive! Contact us today to learn more.


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