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graffiti on concrete wall for dance studio in Chicago

So much more than dance...

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Bring the Fiyah is dedicated to dance as a means of expressing passion, artistry, and personal transformation. Our mission is to provide a stage that supports opportunity, accessibility, and the celebration of dance's diverse forms, uniting communities. An opportunity for dancers at all levels to tell their stories through choreography. It's not just a performance but a platform for personal development and artistic exploration. 

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Our non-profit branch, F.E.E.D. (Fiyah Edifying Empowering Developing) encourages multi-generational, community transformation through roundtable discussions, healing workshops and strategic role playing. A mind/body/spirit experience, F.E.E.D. Experiences touch on purging trauma, personal development,  and becoming a beacon of the community.

Women of Fiyah

Showcasing powerful women making real change within the communities they serve. Our Women of Fiyah have devoted their lives to the betterment of others, focused on personal development to bridge generational gaps, and achieved success in the face of numerous obstacles. View our ever-evolving, always inspiring group of Women of Fiyah below!

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Mz.Flo is an influence to the greater community that accolades and encourages the need for artistic expression. She is the force that fuels the motor of FloFiyah. Contact Mz.Flo today for a FREE consultation to discuss how she and the team at FloFiyah can collaborate with you on your next creative arts project. 

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