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Women of Fiyah

Powerful Women Making an Impact in Their Communities

Over the many years FloFiyah has been in operation, we've come into contact with powerful women making real change within the communities they serve. Women who have devoted their lives to the betterment of others, focused on personal development to bridge generational gaps, and achieved success in the face of numerous obstacles. The impact these women have had on all of us here at FloFiyah begs us to find a way to share their experience and offerings to the world.


We've coined them our "Women of Fiyah" and we are proud to showcase and support them in every way possible. The following Women of Fiyah have encouraged, motivated and astounded us and we're confident they'll do the same for you! Find below our ever-evolving, always inspiring group of Women of Fiyah! Let's show them our support together!

Are you a Woman of Fiyah? Contact us to let us know what you offer and why you do it so we can feature YOU as a Woman of Fiyah too!

Women of Fiyah - F.E.E.D.

Women of Fiyah - F.E.E.D.

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