Embarking on a new path along this FloFIYAH journey, it is my pleasure to introduce the FloFIYAH Extension Program. It is always our goal to provide a universal access to self-expression and through our new Flo FIYAH Extension program, we are providing just that throughout the country.

Flo Fiyah's extension program is a series open community dance classes, intensives, and masterclasses that are open to the public under the direction of FloFIYAH artist and dance instructors. We have established relationships with different schools, studios and dance programs throughout several locations in the US to host the program with our debut location being Augusta, GA. 



About Us

Augusta, Georgia

Our very own member of flofiyah’sexecutive team and dancer under MzFlo, Ashley Gunter, also known as, Ashley Denerra has started the first series of the Flo FIYAH Extension in Augusta, Georgia at The Jessye Norman School of the Arts. Her community classes are Hip Hop n Groove, which encourages all ages and skill levels to come together and enjoy the latest and classic dance moves while working up a sweat to new and old school hip hop, dancehall, house and pop music and also  MMUVE: Modern Movement Under Various Elements,  a modern based dance class that encompasses the fundamentals of different techniques of modern dance.