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Using OUR VOICES to collectively share OUR experiences by CREATING A CIRCLE of EMPOWERED individuals within a COMMUNITY that allows the ultimate form of strength, unity and INSPIRATION!!

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Chasity Gregory

My experience was a positive empowering female experience. The sessions brought a diverse group of backgrounds, careers, economic, statuses & life experiences. The diversity enhanced and drove the discussions to heights unimaginable! Let me say that it was the female therapy that every woman needs. I came in one way and walked out another way along with an extension of my female network. This is an unforgettable and comfortable experience with some unexpected outcomes that you will be grateful for. F.E.E.D Your Soul! You won't regret it!

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Tanzie, 9.24

My first F.E.E.D Experience was very filling(no pun intended). I had a "L" of a time, learning, listening, and laughing. But the one common denominator we all shared was LOVE. 


Yolanda, 12.17

My experience with FLOFIYAH's Vision Board was amazing. I brought a mentee with me thinking this will help her visualize her future and to my surprise it allowed me to envision my future as well. FLOFIYAH is not just for young girls, it's not just for grown women but it is designed to help us remember how much style and grace we have. Completing my vision board with my mentee reminded me to take care of my body and my mind. To treasure my finances and protect my dreams. Most importantly it reminded me to be beautiful and proud of who I am. I thank you Flo, for having a place for me  and other women young and old to come and put the pieces together. 

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