Custom Dance Choreography

Mz Flo creates custom choreography per the client's request.

  • Custom Routine + In -Person Instruction

  • Custom Routine Via Video

Period Choreography

Mz Flo choreographs a piece for the select period of time. ie: 20's, 30's, 60's etc

  • 5 & up dancers

  • 2-4 dancers 

Artist Development

Mz Flo works with upcoming and already developed artists to help them prosper in their skill.

  • Groups

  • Solo Act

Dance Team Instruction/Choreography

Mz Flo works with dance teams whether its schools, summer camps, dance schools and more to set choreography for performances and competitions.

  • Custom Routine + In-person Instruction & Bootcamp

  • Custom Routine via Video or Custom Routine with In-Person Instruction

Dance Instruction 

Mz Flo will teach the technique of request if specified. Rates vary per hour for dance instruction. 

  • price per period of time

  • price per hour


Mz Flo teaches a variety of dancers in a specified technique. 

  • Multiple Classes

  • One class

School/Camp Instruction

Services either for school hours or after school or during an intensive or summer camp.

  • Camps

  • School Program

Fitness Training

Mz Flo will work with clients to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Training + Nutrition Consultation

  • priced per session

Special Events

Weddings, Flash Mobs, Anniversaries, etc

  • Priced per instruction [if choreographing for dancers you provide]

  • Priced Per Performance

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Chicago, Illinois